Since we know that people can't stay in the house forever nor do they want to, we practice safe Corona virus health procedures!


We do not want the Corona virus neither do we want to get it & not know we have it.  We have purchased 200+ masks which we are providing to members when they come to meet! If you have a mask, you are encouraged to bring it. We know people say they do not do much but if any visitor is coughing or sneezing, it becomes contained in the mask & not floating around in the air. If we cough or sneeze, our visitors are protected! At the door, members will receive a mask their hands will be sanitized.

Shower time is provided immediately once a member is in a theme room. So  there is no clothing contamination with our clothing. Towels and robes are washed in bleach & on the sanitize cycle both for wash and dry!

Plus other health safety procedures are in place such as extensive cleaning and sanitation as soon as a visitor departs and we always have been in the practice of the maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.

Members are given a sanitized towel or robe to wear after the shower!

We have reduced the number of visitors we are inviting per day to 5 or less and members with the oldest membership get priority! 


You support us, we support you!

We are corona free & intend to stay that way. Ask us how to boost your immune system to help fight the virus as well as colds & the flu! We have been flu free for years even when around people with symptoms even though we do not take flu shots! When visitors leave, they take their masks with them! No CoronaVirus handling here.

If you can think of more we could do, we're open to suggestions!



Now come have some fun in our corona free environment!