ALL-Exclusive RareExotic Mercedes Black Car


Exclusive and exceptional Mercedes Black Car ground and air transportation service for those who deserve the best in everything including their movement, delivery & reception! Most Black car Services deliver people from point a to b. However how you arrive or are presented with your loved ones, friends, clients, associates and others is your statement, All-Exclusive is your custom exclamation point!

Allow us exceed all your corporate, executive, client, traveler or individual expectations with reliable enthusiastic professionalism! Our courteous, friendly and attentive RareExotic Model Transporters always deliver a unique rare exotic and moving experience!


Standard Perks:

Transporter Professionally Dressed in Exotic Black Driverwear

Complimentary Automobile Entry/Exiting Forwarding

Sirius Commercial Free Radio
Complimentary Refreshments
Ultra Soft Headrest Pillowing
Complimentary Dining, Entertainment & Local Adult Lifestyle Concierge!
Complimentary All-Exclusive forwarding to Sponsoring Lifestyle Events, Parties & Aphrodisiac Dining Experiences!  Check out our Concierge Page for All exclusive offers!

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ALL-Exclusive RareExotic Mercedes Black Car Upgrades

Exclusive RareExotic Mercedes Black Car offers pampering, relaxation assistance, tension relief, full body rejuvenation, executive protective and other ride upgrades that will supplant your daily grind with the restoration of your youth!  Our full range of concierge personal assistant services restore your time and expedite the delivery of any essentials! 

ALL-Exclusive RareExotic Mobile Spa

Exclusive RareExotic Mobile Spa delivers a plethora of pampering, relaxation/sleep assistance and other mind / body tantalizing tension relief bodyworks derived from our unique patented St. Augustine Fountain of Youth formula ... 

ALL-Exclusive RareExotic Concierge Models

Simply the most attentive, courteous, friendly and rare exotic transporters on the planet!  Exclusively professionally sexy or chose from a variety of sexy outfits or costumes!

Exclusive RareExotic Unique Entertainment

Feel free to inquire of your Exclusive RareExotic Concierge Model Transporter about unique (some private) 5-star and aphrodisiac dining, entertainment and lifestyle amusement around town! Some entertainment includes complimentary All-Exclusive RareExotic Transportation service!

Exclusive RareExotic Mercedes  Black Car Service Reservations

Our simple online reservation system provides an easy, step-by-step booking process that allows you to customize your  RareExotic Mercedes Automobile, driver and upgrades with exclusive ease!

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