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This site contains adult based themes! RARE EXOTIC SERENITY SPA Club (hereinafter referred to as "PAC") has provided this site to inform members and prospective members of any club activities; including member to member introductions, club parties/classes/seminars and PAC sponsored events and meetings (hereinafter referred to as "PAC Events"),

By clicking on anything on this website or going beyond this page of the website hereinafter referred to as "Entering" the site, you are bound by the following Privacy Policy (PP) and Terms of Use (ToU) collectively "ALL TERMS". Please Read All before entering this website, entering the website indicates understanding and agreement with ALL TERMS.

If you arrived at this page by mistake or are under the age of 18 or do not agree with ALL TERMS, press the back button on your browser and return to the previous page to indicate disagreement.


Clicking on anything or reserving to meet anyone on this site or going beyond the HOME page of the website hereinafter referred to as "Entering"

on this website or returning to this site indicates understanding and agreement with ALL TERMS.

Privacy Policy (PP)

PAC only accepts personal info on the Booking page of this site. To book any introductions to members or PAC events, prospective members must become a member by providing non personal information on the Reservation page (click here - go to middle of page). Once reviewed a free basic membership may be provided that allows the new member free alternate relationship matchmaking and introductions with other members and invites for alternate lifestyle parties/classes/events. With free basic membership, the new member is then allowed the privilege of asking explicit questions discretely, to determine if there is enough alternate relationship compatibility to arrange member introductions or join PAC events!  The free basic membership is upgraded to include additional privileges with membership length once the new member arrives at PAC interactions and gifts to PAC for the interaction.

Any information collected is used to evaluate prospective new members for compliance with our the ToU as well. If verification is required, it can usually be completed without talking to anyone based on information provided even though we do not need real names nor employment info. Membership information is not shared with other members since all members trust PAC to only accept members that have agreed to and are willing to comply with ALL TERMS and who have a genuine interest in alternate lifestyle relationships and adult styled events!

As a private adult club, discretion is important! That really is the point of  being a PRIVATE club! We value any info we receive from prospective members in the highest regard and will protect membership info and the member's right to privacy with the full veracity of the Constitution of the United States of America. PAC holds any member who makes public any private information about PAC Events or fellow members liable for the damage caused by making that information public regardless of the reason they divulged it.

All users of this website understand and agree divulging personal information about other members, prospective members or PAC events damages members and PAC. Users of website agree not to talk to anyone under any circumstances except fellow members about specific activities that occur or will occur at any of these PAC events and then only discussing them while at PAC events. To invite someone to an upcoming event, simply send them to this website or bring them to an event. Members may bring up to four (4) guest who are bound by ALL TERMS as is the member for what their guests divulge-so if member does not want to be liable for their guests, get them their own membership!


It is a violation of this PP or ToU for any prospective members or members to exchange personal information of any type with each other other than what is already shared to meet! Additionally asking for phone numbers, work information, outside hangouts and such is a violation of PP and could result in termination of membership with out return of any gifts or membership related fees or members being damaged or PAC being damaged by such actions. Should members want to contact other members, contact should be conducted through the PAC at PAC provided contacts: such as our emails, phone numbers listed on PAC sites; etc. Nicknames are used at PAC Events therefore any name given or used by members should be considered fictitious. Any member witnessing another member violating the ALL TERMS is responsible to protect the PAC and members by reporting the violation immediately to any PAC event manager or at our email address - Failure to report violations could result in termination of membership with no return of gifts and could also result in being liable for damages caused by failure to report. Thank you for agreeing with the PP and understanding how it protects the privacy of all members.

Terms of Use (TOU)

This site is intended for legal age adults interested alternative adult relationships, alternative adult lifestyle behavior, fetish & swinger PAC activities, BDSM, or interested in adult sexual and alternate lifestyle behavior including but not limited to member to member adult introductions, adult parties, adult dating, speed dating as defined by PAC, companionship as defined by PAC, swinger parties, BDSM, FBSM, couple swapping, fetish behavior and similar interests and behavior; therefore anything that occurs between members as a result of participation at PAC events is the natural inclination of mutually interested members and nothing else. If you do not agree with this or understand it, please hit the back button on your browser and do not click on anything to enter the site.

By Entering, you understand and agree all content on this site with the exception of the ToU and PP is fiction and purely for entertainment and amusement purposes only. Nothing else is implied. Site might contain explicit language and adult situations. Due to this, Entering indicates that you are of legal age to view pornographic material in your local community although no pornographic material is on site (generally the age of 18 but it is the site user's responsibility to confirm the legal standard of their community). If you are not of legal age for your community, or uncertain of the legal age, press the back button on the browser now.

PAC strongly supports parental controls on the Internet. This web site is not intended to be viewed by person under the age of 18 and those with no interest in alternative adult relationships. Owners of technology devices are responsible to insure that persons under 18 years of age that have access to the Internet through their technology device are restricted from sites not intended for them. By entering this site, you are agreeing that your local community permits you to view this web site and that you are over 18 years of age or of the age permitted by your local community to view adult content and you have parental permission if you are under the age of 18. You are knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily consent to view this website and you have instituted an effective method of monitoring the use the Internet and your technology device by persons under 18 years of age.

Owners of site and site developers cannot be held responsible for your choices nor are they acting in any way to send you this information; by clicking on anything except the back button, you are choosing to receive the website information. If you enter the site, it means that you agree and understand the ToU and PP herein and accept responsibility for your own actions thus releasing the creators of this web site and hosting company and owners of this website from any and all liability.

The content contained in this site in no manner is intended to depict or describe, in any way at all any sexual activities specifically defined by any applicable state or local laws but is intended to be an expression of freedom of speech as provided for by the Constitution of the United States. Content is not intended to be offensive in any way but represents freedom of speech. All content on this site is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

NO sexual activities are implied or condoned by the creators of this site. This site does not promote a prostitution ring nor is any advertisement or any content therein an offer for prostitution. All persons pictured on site are over the age of 18 year old and have agreed to model releases to appear on the site. Under no circumstances do the creators of this site consent to or have knowledge of any illegal activity committed by anyone associated with this website.

This site is not intended for solicitation of any illegal activities. All users of this site understand and agree solicitation of  adult services for money is illegal, prostitution is illegal and that it is illegal to sell or buy sexual services. All PAC members understand and agree adults can legally give away sex, and agree not to offer nor accept money while at a PAC event for any purpose. All users of this site and members of PAC are agreeing to never solicit anyone they meet in connection with PAC events for illegal services nor offer anyone any money for any illegal services.  Any member witnessing any solicitation or money exchanged for sexual services at PAC events is required to report that activity to PAC event managers or our email.

PAC is a private adult club that provides or arranges Member Matchmaking, Member to Member Introductions, Adult Parties, adult Lifestyle Classes & Events (hereinafter referred to as "Arrangements")' as a result, our only services are:

Alternate Lifestyle Relationship Matchmaking, 

Member to Member Introductions

Member Parties and Events, Holistic

Nutrition & Fitness Consulting,

BDSM & Alternate Lifestyle Consulting,

Member BodyRubs, LapDances,

Providing Adult Interaction Hosting for Parties & 1on1 Arrangements,

Provides BDSM & other adult equipment, lingerie & adult clubwear, adult toys, adult item & materials, adult videos or images, and other items to support Arrangements

Other tangible items only, hereinafter referred to as "Legal Items".

By Entering, you understand and agree that Legal Items are the only services that can and will be gifted in for. Any gift accepted is mutually understood and agreed to be for these purposes only. Basic membership is free; gifts for membership are however accepted to support PAC. Gifting to  members or giving money to members is not permitted in any manner and may be misunderstood as committing an illegal act therefore any gift considered should only be given to PAC only and included in an envelop marked to say "Gift is for RARE EXOTIC SERENITY SPA and not the representative collecting it" to demonstrate gift is for PAC. Failure to use a marked envelop indicates gift is for PAC and one of these Legal Items and nothing else.

A receipt may be given to all who ask as proof of Legal Items contributed to. Failure to provide a receipt indicates that both parties understand and agree gift is for PAC and one of the Legal Items and nothing else.

Prospective members and interested individuals may use this site without obtaining a membership with the full understanding that they have agreed to ALL TERMS. To be introduced to any member or to join any PAC events, membership is required and can be acquired free by all the PAC chooses to confer a membership upon by agreeing with terms on the Booking page. Users of this site understand and agree PAC may accept or deny anyone membership for any reason or no reason at all.  Application on the Booking page is for free membership and may require verification as specified on the booking page.

By becoming a member of PAC, members will be matched for compatibility to members that are interested in the adult lifestyle behavior you are interested in and new members may be offered introductions to members whom are they are perceived as erotically compatible with. That is one of the purposes of this private adult club and members agree to not accept money for illegal adult services but to freely enjoy their alternate adult lifestyle interest with other members! Gifting to Club Events or supporting the club maintains member status in the club!

Money gifted is for Legal Items only and any activities between members or at Club Events indicates a choice made between two or more consenting adults who are mutually interested alternative adult relationships and nothing contracted for by this site, site owners, site creators nor hosting company. Visitors are responsible for the texts inserted in pages Guestbook, Reviews and similar.

Clicking on anything on this site indicate agreement with the ToU and PP. Thank you for participating in keeping alternative adult relationships and alternative adult lifestyle behavior safe and legal by supporting your private adult club activities!


Completing Model Member Introduction Interaction Appointment Reservation Request is a request for an appointment not an actual appointment. An appointment is confirmed when you have been given an address and the time to meet has been confirmed. Please do not go to the address until you have notified the member that you are ready to leave and the member you are meeting has acknowledged that.

Discretion is always allowed and preferred as a result, Models on this site are allowed to use names other than their legal name and do not care what your real name is, nor are they interested in any other personal info. You do not have to worry about the site being hacked if your real info is not included! You must have a text number (plenty of free text services are available like google voice or text plus - but developers of this site and members are not responsible for any circumstances that arise from using those sites). You  must also have an email address that you can receive our address instructions to and be able to receive the Reservation Request Confirmation email that you will receive when you submit this reservation request. You must be able to show the Confirmation Email from your phone when you arrive for your interaction, it is how the Model/Consultant will know you are the person they are to meet.

By completing the Reservation Request, must be sincerely interested in an alternate adult lifestyle experience with a new friend!  The PAC protects privacy & preserves legality for all members. Members support the PAC by voluntary gift. Members are not allowed to pay models. There is no up-selling nor any additional charges nor discussing of services, interests or personal info with a Model Member. DO NOT WANDER OFF TO OTHER PAGES IN SEARCH OF MORE PICS UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE RESERVATION REQUEST.

Before meeting, the member that sent you here wants you to know they are the most fun, sexiest and safest friend you can meet in person and they are not meeting to entrap you nor cause you any legal harm & that they will protect your privacy by agreeing similarly! They are giving you that in writing because it will stand up in court, so you are protected legally! And they want to make sure you are not entrapping them nor meeting them to cause any legal harm and will protect their privacy as well, now & in the future!

We both (being you and the person/member you seek to meet is already a member of this PAC who has already agreed to this ToU & PP) understand that you or anyone representing you by showing the Confirmation Email (hereinafter referred to as "you") seek to meet in person. You agree the member you seek to meet is not a stripper, nor escort nor providing any massages & does not use those words & prefers if you didn't use those words either. If you want: massage go meet a masseuse, escort/stripper get someone that agrees that they are an escort/stripper. Actually the person you seek to meet is not providing any services at all nor any services for money other than consulting. Rather they are an independent; new millennium thinking; highly sensual or sexual person interested in meeting a like minded new friend where it appears based on conversations or mutual online interests that both share common alternate adult lifestyle interests like adult fantasy, bdsm or other adult interests. Additionally both affirm that they are each at least 18 years of age legally and of sound mind & health.


So that both can meet & enjoy each other’s company without anyone misrepresenting our mutual interests as something illegal we both understand & agree that we are matched for non-erotic & erotic compatibility  and we have similar interests in alternate adult relationships. Also all communication we engaged in up to now and once we meet or after we meet is for entertainment purposes only and cannot be used as a contract for anything illegal nor as part of any investigation nor as legal testimony in a criminal court for any reason.

We both understand and agree that any gift suggested or donated to Rare Exotic Serenety Spa Club is for Matchmaking, Introduction or Safe Neutral Adult Meeting Hosting & nothing else. Also you can supply a business card to be used to acknowledge the same on the back however failure to do so affirms that gift is not for any other services. Additionally the purpose of gift can be indicated by writing "Gift for Rare Exotic Serenety Spa Club not the representative accepting it" on an envelope and placing the gift inside. Failure to do so affirms that gift is not for the person accepting it nor for any kind of illegal services nor for any service at all other than Rare Exotic Serenety Spa Club's Services.


Both agree not to discuss any services, any fees or any gifts once introduced. Meeting is excluded from representatives of all investigating agencies actively involved in adult activity investigation including news, media, law enforcement, private investigators and any of their affiliates or associates (exceptions can be requested for members of these groups not involved in an active adult interest investigations - those interested in contacting us about any adult activity can contact our lawyer) . Meeting while representing any excluded groups or while engaged in an active investigation related to our meeting without disclosure of that fact is agreed to by both parties as a violation and breach of this Contract with the violated party's privacy and Constitutional rights being acknowledged as damaged with liability for damages being acknowledged as the responsibility of the violating party as well as any entity they represent or any entity that will use their testimony. We both agree to this CONTRACT and give Affidavit that it has been digitally witnessed and that we understand and agree completely with all TERMS and that ANY additional communication from you or others you represent or that represent you as also agreeing to be bound by these TERMS..


The person you are seeking to meet understands and agrees with all parts of these TERMS. This legally protects you. Any continued use of this site by you or  you making  a reservation to meet anyone associated with this site or you meeting anyone associated with this site in person or by you continuing ANY communication of any type with the person that sent you to this site  or you communicating with anyone from this site indicates understanding and agreement with these entire TERMS. If you do not agree with any part of these TERMS, leave this site, never return, and cease all communication with the person that sent you here and anyone from this site. Continuing to communicate with anyone from this site without reserving is considered harassment & might be considered as intimidation as well with all criminal and civil remedies pursued. Visiting this site more than twice also indicates agreement with these TERMS.



You now know I'm no threat to you legally and I will have no grounds for any legal action with regards to our meeting & neither will you so why don't we just meet & have some FUN getting to know each other! Continue on this page and make your Appointment Reservation Request NOW! Submitting the Reservation Request & showing the Confirmation Email  indicates agreement with all TERMS of USE and PRIVACY POLICY.