New Millennium Relaxation & Tension Relief Specialists


tired of the side effects of pharmaceutical medicine many are now drawn to natural & sensual healing methods some that are over 4000 years old! Serenity, Physical harmony, Full Body Balance, Sensual enlightenment, Healthful Nutrition, release of stored up energy, stress management and relief can all result in renewed vitality,  removal of energy blockages, Sensual/sexual healing, youthfulness, Full Body rejuvenation & better quality of life! Our Relaxation Specialists are versed in many natural forms of relaxation, healing & rejuvenation!

Traditional Therapies not working for You? Perhaps you need a new way to be Well!

RareExotic Serenity Spa   ---  the new Definition of Wellness    ---   Meet with YOUR Relaxation Specialist Now!

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GODDESS CHAYA B'DARI             Slim Sexy 5'6 106# 32b 24yo

London import! asian east india Glamour & alternate model, Actress, Rubmaster (over 25 erotic rubs!!) Rubmaster Sensei, Tantra Teacher, Chackra reiki sensual healer, Muse, Champissage Goddess, india chakra healer, Cosplay goddess, Ayurvedic Soothing, Sensual Relationship Mentor, Dominatrix, Sleep & Cuddles Sage, Naturalist, Cranial Relaxation Artist, Holistic Wellness, Physical Harmony, Balance, Vitality & Tension Consultant. 

PRINCESS GULIA GIZEL                           5'6 112# Perfect 32c 22yo

Natural Cutie with a pretty Smile get to know  Rejuvenation Healer Gulia Gizel! rubmaster (with over 25 relaxing rubs - favorites nuru), reiki sensual healer, Muse, Submissive Switch, Cosplay Princess,  Sleep & Cuddles Sage, Cranial Relaxation Artist. Physical Harmony, Balance, Vitality & Tension Consultant.

Mistress KEIKO (KIko)          5'2 118# 32A 28yo

Naturally tan/brown Asian Actress & Dancer with pretty round brown butt! and bolted cute lil breasts! Tantra, Muse, Submissive/Dominatrix switch Cosplay  Naturalist, Sleep & Cuddles Sage, Holistic Wellness & Vitamin Consultant, Cranial Relaxation Artist, Physical Harmony, Full  Body Vitality & Balance & Tension Consultant.


Natural Midback Hair Juicy Natural 34dd Curvy Teen fantasy Energy rejuvenating Playmate Jewlee! rubmaster (over 25 relaxing rubs - Including Authenic nuru), reiki sensual healer, Muse, Dominatrix/Submissive Switch, Cosplay Princess,  Sleep & Cuddles Sage, Cranial Relaxation Artist. Physical Harmony, Lapdance, Balance, Vitality & Tension Consultant.

tiny asian Teeny Fantasy Playmate Yumi Jade 

106# 4'11 34c 22yo

favorite Fantasy Interests: Teen sleeping Cosplays, submissive / dominatrix Rough Tension relief (lite spanking - hair pulling - flipping), Ageplay simulations, fetish and other Rejuvenation & Revitalization techniques!


Submissive Asian Katsumi                 5'4 102# Perfect 32b 22yo

Slim Sexy Ultra pale blonde asian College cutie with a cute booty!  Come this stress expulsion specialist Katsumi with over 20 Eruptive rubs - favorites nuru & cranium crunches), reiki sensual healer, Muse, Submissive Switch, Cosplay Princess,  Sleep & Cuddles Muse, Cranial Crunches Partner! Balance your Physical Harmony and increase Your Vitality today!